July 13, 2020

In Person Worship Is Suspended  - The Church Council, after studying the information from the Galveston County Health District, has suspended in person worship until further notice.

Cookies for Galveston Police and Fire folk During this time of pandemic, those serving on the frontlines of our community are enduring even more stress. As a small token of support and encouragement, join in baking homemade cookies for our beloved Galveston Police and Fire Department folk.  Bake your cookies and drop them at the church by Monday, July 27.  Packagers will box them up and deliver them to the stations on Tuesday, July 28.  Let’s offer our support and encouragement to our first responders!

Wanting Wednesdays – Join in eating simply on Wednesdays so that others may eat.  Intentionally eat a simple meals on Wednesdays and contribute what you would have spent on a more robust meal to Feed Galveston. If each week’s amount was $1 and 50 folks do this for just a month – it would yield over 600 servings of healthy food for a hungry person!  Will you join in helping feed our hungry neighbors?

HOME Holy Communion Package: As we have entered into a time of observing weekly communion virtually in our homes, you may contact the Church Office to receive a package of wafers for the celebration of Holy Communion. A bag with a month’s supply will be brought out to your car while observing safe practices. Luther reminds us that the sacrament is valid when we trust the promise of Christ in the sacrament. And, as we confess belief in the communion of saints, we trust God’s presence in our virtual gatherings for worship. Please contact the Church Office as 409-762-8477 to arrange for your package of wafers.

Blood Drive The Galveston Seafarers Center is planning a blood drive on Friday, July 31st. For information, contact Jim Lewis at manager@galvestonseafarerscenter.org

HIGHEST ELECTRIC BILL MONTHS: THANK YOU for your continuing support of the ministries of First Lutheran Church! Your offerings and tithes are sustaining the ministry of the congregation through this pandemic. The summer months bring the highest electric bills for the year. The air conditioning is not running as much as a regular summer, but still the bill increases (we do maintain a certain level of air conditioning in the main sanctuary because of our two pipe organs.) Your financial support is essential this summer. THANK YOUfor your generosity!

Virtual Theology on Tap Wednesday at 7PM, young adults between 21 and 39 are welcome to join us for a devotion and time to socialize. For any more information or questions, contact Emily@firstlutherangalveston.com.
Virtual College Devotion Thursdays at 7PM, for current college students to share a devotion and play games. For more information, please contact emily@firstlutherangalveston.com 

Emily’s Virtual Office Hours Saturday from 1-2PM, come to chat with Emily or talk about ministry ideas. To schedule an appointment, email emily@firstlutherangalveston.com

Offering $3204 

Attendance  - in person (  Sunday,  Saturday)
- virtually online: 80 Worship Service, 104 Gospel Reading/Sermon 

This Week’s Birthdays
Lissa Evans 13th
Shawn Walker 13th
Christopher Crutchfield 14th
Joe Byers 15th
Jack Danner 16th
Hank Eilers 16th
Noah Rice 16th
Mark Murphy 17th
Enrique Barrientos 19th

Carlos & Diane Pena 15th
Jim & Kathy Gainer 16th