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Current Theology Class: Exploring Angels and Demons - Session 6

Join Rev. Richard Rhoades as he dives into the intricate and mysterious realm of angels and demons, dissecting their roles in the cosmic battle between good and evil. Explore theological queries and biblical narratives on celestial beings and their fall from grace.

- Discover the dangers of power and pride, as seen in leaders throughout history and the fall of angels, with insights from 1 Timothy 3:6 and accounts of the Devil's ambition. 

- Probe the uncertain prospects of forgiveness for fallen angels and the concept of seeing angels in the afterlife, reflecting on scripture and theological interpretations. 

- Listen to personal testimonies, such as Student 1's life challenges, and learn about the comforting role of faith during times of struggle. 

- Understand the biblical perspective on the obedience of angels to God's commands and the rebellious path taken by some, including the fall of Satan and his corruption of humanity. 

- Discuss the present-day relevance of demonic forces, the Roman Catholic Church's approach to exorcism, and the comforting thought of guardian angels offering spiritual protection. 

Tune in for this profound session and join the conversation on the existence and influence of these divine and fallen beings in our world.