Weddings at First Lutheran


Welcome and Congratulations on your engagement! What a joy filled time of life! And there is so much to do in preparation.


Wedding Planning Guide (PDF)

Wedding Request Form (PDF)

The guide is designed to assist you in understanding the process of preparation for marriage through First Lutheran Church (hereafter FLC) here in Galveston. We are most honored that you wish FLC to participate in your journey toward your wedding day and your marriage.

You are encouraged to read this guide carefully and to give a gift to yourself by doing things in a timely manner. By attending to details in a timely and thoughtful manner now, you and your guests will be able to focus on celebrating your union in the presence of God on the day of your wedding.

“Lutheran Christians understand marriage in two ways. On the one hand, marriage is a gift. God intends to bring strength and joy to those who enter into marriage and, through marriage, to promote the well-being of the whole human family. On the other hand, marriage isa human estate. Two people make vows to each other, which are publicly witnessed, and society recognizes their status as legally married.” (The Christian Life: Evangelical Lutheran Worship, ELW)

FLC observes weddings as celebrations rooted in God’s love and affirms the guidelines of the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod concerning the celebration of marriage. The wedding ceremony is a time of worship and reflects God’s presence and blessing by proclaiming that God intends the gift of marriage as a sign of both the union of Christ and the church and the joy of the reign of God.

Your choice to work with FLC in your planning reflects your desire for a Christian ceremony to begin your marriage. As part of this process, you are encouraged to worship regularly with FELC and to make time for daily prayer in your journey.

Welcome to the planning process for your wedding day!

The Lyceum of Galveston

If you are interested in having your wedding event in our Galveston Lyceum (located on our church grounds on the corner of 24th St. and Winnie Street) then please download the information sheet below and visit our website for this beautiful and historic facility!

For information about planning your wedding event in The Lyceum of Galveston, contact:

Visit the Galveston Lyceum website - one of Galveston Island's premier wedding venues!