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Troop 123

We need more than one fundraising event per year if we want to keep Troop 123 Account over $10,000 to enable many of our Troop events and activities to be paid for by the Troop as per designated T123 Committee guidelines.

Christmas Wreaths and Greenery

Pack 120 will be do Christmas Wreaths and greenery for their fundraiser this year and suggested that T123 may want to do this as well.  Currently we are working details within Pack 120 and IF T123 wants to join in we will need to work details as a Troop. IF T123 chooses not to do this please let me know so Pack 120 does not have to worry about T123’s involvement.

More information can be found at this Website: 


Plans discussed by Pack 120 is to offer the 4 wreaths, 4 door sprays and the candle centerpiece.

These wreaths/sprays and center piece start at a base rate and we add on whatever profit we are looking to make. The profit per item could range from $10.00 to $12.00 per wreath and about $10.00 per spray and about $8.00 for the centerpiece.

One nice thing about this company is all the items can be prepaid and sent to locations in the United States so its NOT just a local thing which would make it nice and easy for family and friends from out of town to Support Troop 123!

If we are interested in doing this I need to know by Monday September 2nd 2019 and we will then start selling shortly afterwards with a deliver date set for Thanksgiving week 2019.

Lone Star Biker Rally: Nov. 1st - 3rd

Lone Star Biker Rally Fund Raiser Friday November 1st  – Sunday November 3rd2019. Troop 123 Class B tee shirts - ALL SCOUTS needs to be wearing the green Class B shirts – if you need a new one as you have out grown your old one see me during our Troop meetings on Wednesday evening for a new shirt . . . I believe these shirts are $12.00 each for the short sleeved shirts and $15.00 each for the long sleeve shirts.

As for food/drinks you may want to bring a small ice chest to keep food, snacks and drinks in while you are working this weekend. Typically we have at least 2 boys and 2 adults per shift.

As in the past time slots will be established and Scouts and adults will need to fill those slots – THIS is our big fund raiser for the year and Scouts earn monies that go into their Scout Accounts based on the  percentage of time they work the event.  This can be used to help defray costs of Summer Camps and other events where a Troop fee is charged.

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