March 30, 2020

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- The Evangelism Team

COVID-19 and Church Update
As President Trump has extended the national effort of social distancing, we at First Lutheran will continue to observe worship virtually – until meeting together is give the clear by health officials. This is definitely a most unusual reality that we are living through. What is needed in this time? 

  1. Prayer. Join in praying daily for the wellbeing of those affected by COVID-19. Pray for those who are ill and their families. Pray for medical staff who are caring for the ill. Pray for those whose employment has been affected by outbreak. Pray for those who are stressed and anxious amidst the time of social distancing. Pray for those who think they are invincible or are simply unaware.
  2. Serve. Extend yourself safely through phone calls, texts, emailsto check on others. Be mindful of the older neighbors or those who live alone. If you are able to safely help others, do so – be a gopher for picking up groceries or prescriptions for those who cannot take care of such things for themselves.
  3. Love. Be mindful of the stress and anxiety of everyone being home. Find moments of joy along the way. Make a schedule for your household – include time for prayer, devotions and play!
  4. Know. Know that God is with us in all things. Know that this time of pandemic will end at some point. Know that life will adjust to a new normal.

Christian Sympathy is expressed to the family of Nancy Wegner upon her death on Sunday evening, March 29. 
Virtual Lilies if you would like to contribute a “virtual lily” for Easter, please email or call the church office. Your $16 contribution will go to the General Fund to help in this unusual time. Names of donors will appear on line and in the next monthly newsletter. Virtual lilies may be donated in memory or honor of others. Please contact the church office at 409-762-8477 or flcg@firstlutherangalveston.com

 Your HELP is Needed
During this unusual time, your congregation needs you to be regular and attentive to submitting your offering. The bills continue for the congregation even though we are not physically together right now.  Please consider:

  • Signing up for electronic giving with this link.
  • Or, go online to have your bank issue a check through bill pay.
  • Or, mail in your offering: First Lutheran Church of Galveston, 2415 Avenue G Galveston, TX 77550

Your continued financial faithfulness will assist the congregation to steer through this unusual time. Thank You!

Faith Formation ONLINE
Your Church Staff is actively developing online faith formation pieces to use in the home. We will be posting the first lesson today! We hope this will be helpful in your faith practices in the home!
Weekend Worship Attendance
Our Worship Service posted on Vimeo was see seen internationally by 682 people (and still counting), including USA (667), Germany (8), United Kingdom (2), Nigeria (1), Netherlands (1), Canada (1), Ghana (1), and India (1). We're going global! :)

Theology on Tap in Zoom: Wednesday, April 1st at 7PM, young adults (21-39)
can join us to discuss faith in a pandemic as well as ideas for future
Theology on Tap events. For questions contact Emily at (262)753-3755. To
join click this link and enter meeting ID: 606-599-042  and password:Luther1517

Family Faith Formation in Zoom: Thursday, April 2nd at 6:30PM, parents and
children in elementary school can gather in this meeting to say hello to
friends and get some family activities. Faith and community are so important
at a time like this so we hope to see you there. For questions, contact
emily@firstlutherangalveston.com. To join click this link and enter meeting ID: 947-029-509  and password: Luther1517

College Student Devotion in Zoom: Friday, April 3rd at 7PM, current college
students can gather to  discuss faith in a pandemic and to catch up with the
people who are going through the same adjustments. For questions, contact
Emily at (262) 753-3755. To join click this link and enter meeting ID:616-416-561 and
password: Luther1517

Little Steps in Zoom: Saturday, April 4th at 11:30AM, parents of children 3
and under are invited to join us for a conversation about faith in the home.
Parents will have the opportunity to get to know each other better and talk
about the future in-person meetings of this group. For questions, contact
emily@firstlutherangalveston.comTo join click this link and enter meeting ID: 513-519-812 and password: Luther1517

Emily's Office Hours in Zoom: Want to chat about a new idea? Miss Emily and
want to catchup? Join her office hours on Saturday, April 4th from 1-2PM.
For questions, contact emily@firstlutherangalveston.com. To join click this link and
enter meeting ID: 585-333-135 and password: Luther1517

High School Virtual Youth Group: Monday, April 6th at 7PM high schoolers are
invited to join us in Zoom for some games, sharing about their social
distanced lives, discussion of faith and service work during a quarantine.
For questions, contact emily@firstlutherangalveston.com. To join click this link and
enter meeting ID: 886-716-033 and password: Luther1517

It's going to be an exciting week!

Fanfare Lutheran Music Academy - Executive Director June Pulliam continues with their online learning program for the music students. The staff is hard at work to keep the lessons going. Please remember Fanfare in your prayers!

The Lyceum of Galveston - Our Director Cynthia McEldowney is busy handling wedding postponements, and handling new future event requests. 



 This Week’s Birthdays

Margaret Albrecht 30th

Shereen Boysen 30th

Helen Capek 30th

Sharon Nugent 30th

Lisa Manuel 1st

Sherry Burlison 2nd

Zoe Dell'Osso 2nd

Marian Plain 2nd

Donnie Hill 3rd

Trey Stakes III 3rd

Betty Williamson 4th

Bowen Busking 5th

Mary Gillane 5th


James & Susan Wyman 1st