Feed Galveston



Hunger is the world’s number one health risk. It kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. Over 50,000 Galveston County residents face food insecurity every day, and the The Galveston County Food Bank collects, sorts, warehouses and distributes over 7 million pounds of food each year. Through our package meal assembly line system, we enable volunteers to meet at scheduled event days to package over 50,000 meals in under 4 hours.

Whether you can help package meals, lift heavy boxes, put stickers on packages, or just want to greet people at the door, Feed Galveston needs your help!

We use an assembly line style that was invented by the Outreach Program. One person working on an Outreach Program packaging line can package 200 meals in just one hour. At our last Packaging Event, we completed over 50,000 meals in under 3 hours with about 100 volunteers, and a large delivery truck from the Galveston County Food Bank loaded them for us and immediately took them to their warehouse facility in Texas City!

It’s really a lot of fun to mix and laugh with other volunteers in the area, the the satisfaction of helping those who are hungry is a great feeling.

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