Jesus speaks God’s word faithfully

Read: Luke 4:1-13

This story is often called the “Temptation of Jesus.” That description focuses on Jesus’ ability to resist sin. However, the Hebrew word for “tempted” can also be translated as “tested.” This other translation is helpful since the story is more about testing Jesus to see what kind of messiah he plans to be, one who seeks personal power and prestige, or one who is faithful to the God of the Bible. When the focus is on temptation, we can easily miss how we, like the devil, can try to change Jesus into someone who serves our desires for personal importance. Both Jesus and the devil quote Scripture. We can use the Bible and our faith in unfaithful ways. Part of our sinfulness is to make Jesus into someone who serves our desires instead of the one who points us to worship and trust God to take care of our real needs. Think about or discuss how Jesus is our Savior by overcoming evil and idolatry (desire for personal power and glory) and by placing his trust in God.

Pray: Dear God, we thank you that Jesus speaks your word faithfully; help us to listen to your word and trust in you. Amen.

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