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August 26


Live With Boldness!

Jesus calls us daily into a new way of life. Our faith in God often places us at odds with the world around us, but keep the faith and dare to live the kingdom of God’s values. May we all be bold to live out our faith. Sermon by Rev. Richard Rhoades at First Lutheran Church of Galveston

Do We Really Want The Kingdom to Come?

As christians, we are called to Iive in God’s kingdom that He freely wants to give. But, the kingdom of God is radically different than any worldly, man-made kingdom of power. When we pray the Lord’s prayer, we say the words “Thy kingdom come.”, but those words imply that we open our hearts and minds to live out or daily lives the way Jesus showed us. And Jesus said if we want to follow Him, we must take up our cross. So we are called INTO the struggle to live the love of God. Look at what is happening in your neighborhoods and see how you can help bring the kingdom of God into existence.

Trinity Sunday: Live Into Being Loved By God


Pentecostal Sunday: In God's Image


Counterintuitive Faith

Christian faith is not meant to be lived out in a comfortable, private silo. Rather we are called to go into the real trenches of living the resurrected life in union with God in our lives. What we do in our lives is the witness of our faith, and as we exercise our faith, we grow! (CC - Close Captioned)