Father's Day Booklet submissions are now being accepted. For $10, you can submit the name of a special father/grandfather/step-father along with a message for/about him. The Father's Day Booklet will be available to pickup in church on Father's Day. Please send all your details to emily@firstlutherangalveston.com by June 13th. All funds raised will help send our youth to the ELCA's National Youth Gathering.

Pentecost is Coming! On May 23rd we will celebrate the festival of Pentecost and with this we will be hosting a children’s procession as part of the entrance to the worship service. Also on this day we will observe the Rite of confirmation for our confirmands who have completed two years of study.  Wear red, orange or yellow in honor of the day!

Dinner on the Grounds The Men's Club will be hosting a congregational hamburger and hot dog dinner on Sunday June 6, following the worship service. Please sign up in advance. A donation of $5 is recommended. Dinners will be distributed from the Parish Hall with everyone eating outside or taking their dinner with them. THANK YOU to the Men's Club for this opportunity!

Are you a Thrivent member? If so, are you aware that twice a year you can apply for $250 Action Team grants through Thrivent? These are used to help with events or donations sponsored by First Lutheran Church? Instead of losing the $500 per year, you can be participating in Thrivent’s generosity program to help communities and causes. Will you be a good steward of God’s gift?  If you have any questions, you can call: Donna Spencer at (713) 816-3338 or Brenda Concienne at (408) 370-6119.  
Thank you from the Mission Team. 

Magazines Needed - UTMB is now accepting magazines again. Instead of throwing old magazines away consider donating them. The bin will be back in the Narthex to collect them in. Jack Danner will take them and distribute them where they are needed.

Property Team is looking for several folks to join our team. We as a team maintain the Church and Parish House property, when things break we are the ones called on to repair. The latest project is waterproofing the limestone on the exterior of the Church which is going to take several weekends or late evenings to complete. This team has a big project coming up in the near future, once the Sanctuary team makes decisions on the path forward for the interior of the Church. We will acquire the bids, present them and once approved will follow through with the contractors to make sure the contract is fulfilled. It is time to give Dennis Broughton  and Paul Martin a break from chasing leaks, meeting with contractors, pulling wire, climbing ladders, and whatever else they have done over the last several years.  If you like challenges, you do not need to have skills, just the need to help out. Please consider joining the property team. If you are interested talk to Paul, Dennis or I. I am the one tooling around on the knee scooter since I obviously do not have skills to calculate the amount of bolts it takes to hold up an attic stairway.  Jim Gainer(409) 771-0712

Virtual Church Membership Have you connected with First Lutheran, Galveston online and desire to become a member of the congregation?  In this new world of digital connections, let’s talk about what membership in First Lutheran looks like when you are not geographically near to Galveston. If interested in this conversation, contact Pastor Rhoades at revrhoades@firstlutherangalveston.com .
Bible Study Opportunity Join Pastor Rhoades in reading the Old Testament books of Ezra and Nehemiah beginning Tuesday, April 27. This is a virtual study time – meaning you can log in from wherever you may be! Log in from the lab. Log in from home. Log in from Chile. Log in from wherever!  Sign-up to receive the link to join the study! (All material provided by Pastor Rhoades)


Worship Virtually – Sundays 10:00 am
Worship Safely In Person – Sundays 10:00 am

You are encouraged to join in worship either safely in person or virtually every Sunday. 

Mask Up!
As the pandemic continues to churn in our world, First Lutheran continues to require that masks be worn and kept on during worship services or other events at the church. Those leading worship in chancel will removed their masks while speaking so as to provide clear communication for both those worshipping in person and those on line. Otherwise, everyone is required to keep their mask over their mouth and nose. Please be vigilant and encouraging to one another in observing this for the safety of all. The reality is that case numbers are rising – hopefully we can help lower those numbers and keep things moving.

HOME Holy Communion Package: If you need home communion supplies as you worship virtually, please contact the Church Office as 409-762-8477 to arrange for your package of wafers.

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This Week’s Birthdays

  • Lynette Stretz 19th
  • Kay Tucker 20th
  • Joli Williams 20th
  • Haley Layer 21st
  • Diana Luna 21st


  • Don and Sherry Burlison 20th
  • Chris and Kelly Cruz 21st
  • Richard and Corinne Rhoades 23rd