Virtual Bible Study – Reading Through Amos
Join Pastor Rhoades virtually on Tuesday evenings beginning January 19, to read through and study the Old Testament prophet Amos. The study includes study notes and conversation as to what God is saying through the prophet and what it means today for God’s people. Please sign-up to be included in the study!  Participants will receive the notes via email and an invite to the weekly online gathering. Sign up now!
NO Sunday Evening Worship on December 27 or January 3. During the slower period of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, the Sunday evening worship not be held. Join us for Sunday evening worship on Sunday, January 10 at 5:30 pm.

Planning for Christmas – Worship Opportunities

Wednesday Dec 23
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Sanctuary open for prayer. Holy Communion at 3:00 pm.
6:00 pm Blue Christmas Worship – for those struggling in this season

Thursday Dec 24
5:00 pm  Christmas Eve Candlelight and Holy Communion Worship Service
8:00 pm Christmas Eve Candlelight and Holy Communion Worship Service
11:00 pm Christmas Eve Candlelight and Holy Communion Worship Service
Friday Dec 25
10:00 am Christmas Day Worship
During these difficult days of the pandemic, we must observe masks at all times and social distancing. Because of this, we have added a third worship opportunity on Christmas Eve to reduce the number of people in each service (spreading it over 3 services versus just 2). 
If you are not feeling well, have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or are still in a 14 day quarantine period, please remain at home and worship virtually with us. Our Christmas Eve worship will be available on line.
Worship Virtually – Sundays 10:00 am or 5:30 pm

Worship Safely In Person – Sundays 10:00 am or 5:30 pm

 You are encouraged to join in worship either safely in person or virtually every Sunday. If you prefer a smaller gathering, try out the Sunday evening worship service!Mask Up!
As the pandemic continues to churn in our world, First Lutheran continues to require that masks be worn and kept on during worship services or other events at the church. Those leading worship in chancel will removed their masks while speaking so as to provide clear communication for both those worshipping in person and those on line. Otherwise, everyone is required to keep their mask over their mouth and nose. Please be vigilant and encouraging to one another in observing this for the safety of all. The reality is that case numbers are rising – hopefully we can help lower those numbers and keep things moving.

HOME Holy Communion Package: As we have entered into a time of observing weekly communion virtually in our homes, you may contact the Church Office to receive a package of wafers for the celebration of Holy Communion. A bag with a month’s supply will be brought out to your car while observing safe practices. Luther reminds us that the sacrament is valid when we trust the promise of Christ in the sacrament. And, as we confess belief in the communion of saints, we trust God’s presence in our virtual gatherings for worship. Please contact the Church Office as 409-762-8477 to arrange for your package of wafers.

Year End Offerings - For those who like to make year end offerings to the church please have it to the church office by noon on December 31, 2020.  This will ensure that your donation gets recorded in the year 2020.

Offering $4966

- In-person: 
   10:00am: 72
   5:30pm: 9
- Virtually Online:
  10am Worship Service video: 179 views
  5:30pm Worship Service video: 54 views
  Christmas Pageant video: 110 views
This Week’s Birthdays
Will Heidel 23rd
John Getty 24th
Bill Fullen 25th
Peter Kokel 25th
Tammy Lobaugh 25th
Lee Parker 25th

Willie and Diana Luna 20th
Charles and Barbara Alcala 21st
Matt and Stephanie Frye 21st
Noel and Donna Spencer 27th