THANK YOU to those who helped in donating funds for Feed Galveston. Your generosity means we will be able to provide 50,000 servings of healthy food for our neighbors in need. The winter weather crisis we all just lived through has left many families that were barely making it go over an edge – the need for food has increased. Your support helps to meet the need!

God is our Refuge and Strength – a very present help in trouble.  Where have you seen God over this chaotic week of winter weather?  Perhaps in neighbor helping neighbor?  Perhaps in accepting help from others or offering help to others?  Hopefully the worst is behind us… but in the meantime, if you need assistance please reach out so we can try to connect you with folks to assist.

New Members Classes  Pastor Rhoades will be gathering those interested in becoming members of First Lutheran for a three session class beginning March 14 following the worship service in the main sanctuary. The sessions will last approximately 1 hour and will be held March 14, 21 and 28. New Members will be received on Easter Sunday (April 4) during the worship service.  If interested please contact Pastor Rhoades or the Church Office.  If you would prefer a virtual setting let us know!

The Evangelism Team will be selling yard crosses beginning Ash Wednesday. The cross is white and has "He is Risen" printed on them.  Be on the lookout for the Evangelism Team selling these in the Narthex.

Preparing for Lent You are invited to find a clay pot to place in a special location in your home or work space for the season of Lent. Our theme for Lent 2021 is “We have this treasure in clay jars” (2 Corinthians 4:7) – yet, how often might we feel more like a cracked pot? During Lent we will be exploring how God uses fragile and sometimes broken clay jars to carry the love of God into this world. Each day in Lent a special Facebook post will go out highlighting a “fragile clay jar” that God has used to do amazing things. On Wednesdays in Lent we will focus on specific individuals in the Bible who lived out being fragile clay jars and changed the world.  So too, God has poured such love into you to carry into the world.

Bible Time Travel Lesson 5 is now available! Kids from K-6 will enjoy weekly videos that help them dive into the bible stories. Find the videos at:

Also, click here to see all of our archived Kids Mission videos!

Contact for supplies.

Help Our Music Class- Give Us Your Trash! 
Ms. Scheuerman’s Music Class is going back to the music room! Due to social distancing, our class will look and operate much differently. We only have a certain number of instruments and a small amount of time to clean in between classes. We are requesting donations to fill in “alternative” noise makers so we can continue to make music while our “real” instruments are taking a break. 

Want to help? Look for the following objects and consider donating them to Ms. Scheuerman’s classroom: 

-Old Wrenches, Allen Wrenches and Drill Bits (various sizes), metal utensils 

-Old (Clean) plastic or rubber tubing, such as aquarium tubing 

-(Clean) Glass jars with lids 

-Plastic shims or plastic combs 


-Dry Rice and Beans 

-Egg Crate foam or acoustic foam 

-Coffee Cans (with and without lids) 

-Small film containers or small Tupperware containers with lids 

-Plastic Cat Litter containers 

If you would like to donate any of the items listed above, please contact 

Virtual Bible Study – Reading Through Galatians

Join Pastor Rhoades virtually on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm to read through and study Galatians. Please sign up by reaching out to the church office or Pastor Rhoades. Pastor will send you the link and also provide digital materials to assist in the study. Sign up now!

Worship Virtually – Sundays 10:00 am

Worship Safely In Person – Sundays 10:00 am

You are encouraged to join in worship either safely in person or virtually every Sunday. 

Mask Up!

As the pandemic continues to churn in our world, First Lutheran continues to require that masks be worn and kept on during worship services or other events at the church. Those leading worship in chancel will removed their masks while speaking so as to provide clear communication for both those worshipping in person and those on line. Otherwise, everyone is required to keep their mask over their mouth and nose. Please be vigilant and encouraging to one another in observing this for the safety of all. The reality is that case numbers are rising – hopefully we can help lower those numbers and keep things moving.

HOME Holy Communion Package: As we have entered into a time of observing weekly communion virtually in our homes, you may contact the Church Office to receive a package of wafers for the celebration of Holy Communion. A bag with a month’s supply will be brought out to your car while observing safe practices. Luther reminds us that the sacrament is valid when we trust the promise of Christ in the sacrament. And, as we confess belief in the communion of saints, we trust God’s presence in our virtual gatherings for worship. Please contact the Church Office as 409-762-8477 to arrange for your package of wafers.

Offering  $1765 2/21/2021

                $1030 2/14/2021


- In-person: 70

- Virtually Online:

  Ash Wednesday Service: 107 views

  Sunday Worship Service: 89 views

  Sermon: 32 views

  Children's Message: 84 views

  Narthex TV Announcements: 44 views

  Bible Time Travel

      Lesson 5: (To Be Posted on Facebook Tonight)

      Lesson 4: 33 views

      Lesson 3: 42 views

      Lesson 2: 30 views

      Lesson 1: 136 views

This Week’s Birthdays

Jeanie Doreck 16th

Cindy Agrella 17th

Cathy Carter 18th

Natalie Henson 19th

Nataliya Negrini 19th

Chris Norberg 21st

Renee Rice 21st

Liz Aguirre 23rd

Jamie Coles 25th

Kathy Zimmerman 26th

John Stewart 27th

Bobby Stockfleth 27th

Joe Henderson 28th

Janice Schaper 28th


Jim and Laura Lewis 15th

Jack and Liz Bennett 18th

Joe and Shirley Byers 25th

Eddie and Linda Miranda 26th