Read: Luke 8:26-39. 

Being burdened by personal limitations or even oppressed by others takes on many different forms. In Luke 8 a man was tortured by unclean spirits. We may not call our personal issues “demons” as described in Luke, but we certainly know of the hurts and harassments of physical and mental illness, of abuse by others, and even the more subtle, yet equally painful experiences of being ignored as though you were not even there. The reign of God that Jesus brings heals a world of hurts. In our story of the man with many demons, Jesus not only restores him to sit at Jesus’ feet fully clothed and in his right mind, Jesus also sends him out to spread the good news to others. How has your life been touched by Jesus’ healing and cleansing power? How has that impacted your life to share the good news of Jesus Christ? 

Pray: Merciful Jesus, heal me where I have hurts and guide me to a life that cares for others in your name. Amen. 

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