Read: Galatians 6:1-16.
Luke 10 speaks of a mission to those who have not received the message of the kingdom Jesus brings. Galatians 6 speaks to how that same message of Jesus shapes the life within the body of Christ, the church. There is an important mission to care for those who have already received the Holy Spirit and are part of the “family of faith” (v. 10). It is important—but not easy—to give and to receive care that includes a need for correction. We are to do so with gentleness, not forgetting our temptations to sin (v. 15). The “law of Christ” (v. 2) is to carry another’s burdens. As the Lord is our Good Shepherd, we are to shepherd one another in all humility as part of the “new creation” (v. 15). To follow this rule or principle is to share peace and mercy with others (v. 16). When has someone gently and lovingly given you important correction and guidance in the Christian faith? How have you tried to offer that same gentle and loving care to others?
Pray: Almighty God, thank you for your care and loving guidance. Help us to provide that same gentle and loving care to others. Amen.

Taking Faith Home Devotions and Scriptures for July 7