College Devotion

Current undergraduate students are invited to join in fun, fellowship, and faith exploration. 

Summer 2021

Join us every Thursday at 5:30 pm to cook, eat, and watch a video series on the life of Christ and his followers. We will be sharing our favorite recipes, learning new skills in the kitchen, and diving deeper in our understanding of God. For questions, email

August 8-14 is the ELCA's Young Adult Abide retreat. It is hosted by Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp in Colorado. For information, visit the camp's website. There is financial aid available both from the camp and from First Lutheran Church. Reserve your spot today!

Thanks for a great academic year!

Thank you to everyone who gathered virtually with us during the school year. Our discussion topics covered Evolution & Creationism, Lutheran History, a Christian discussion of the Hunchback of Notre dome (Disney version), and the ELCA's Passage series. Join us for our in-person summer sessions.