September 9, 2019

"It is the duty of every Christian to be Christ to his neighbor."  - Martin Luther
- The Evangelism Team

Oktoberfest! Please Sign up for your shifts at Oktoberfest. Sign up note books are in the Narthex of the church. 

ELCA wide event - God's Work, Our Hands - The Mission Team would like to give a BIG thanks to all of our members who, despite the summer heat, worked hard to clean the beds, alley, parking lot, curb and sidewalk.  Plants will be planted in place of those dug up and to fill in where needed. A notice will go out when it is time to work again and we will make sure it will be in cooler weather!  Thank you to Sharon Nugent for the snacks.

Glori-Anas Thank Offering Coin containers are available in the Narthex. This year’s Thank Offering will be on November 24th.

Save the Date - September 21 at 2pm. Sheri Moon and Kelsey Scheuerman are hosting a Back to School Teaopen to all ages! The goal is to recruit for the church, while also supporting some of our local teachers and students. 

New Members Class to begin Sunday Sept 29 8:45 am in the Parish Hall.

Saturday – 46
Sunday – 153

Offering $5622.75
This Week’s Birthdays
Doryn Glenn 3rd
Randy Plain 4th
Andi Wiltse 4th
Robert Boysen Sr. 5th
Danny Gillane 5th
Allison Glenney 6th
Marianna Ceccacci 7th
Oliver Gault 7th
Candy Lockhart 7th
Ryan Blacketer 8th
Harold Stafford 9th
Stephen Stafford 10th
Weldon Smith 13th
Sarah Boysen 14th
Koban Heallen 14th

Lee &  Del Parker 2nd
Fred Huddleston & Clay Rogers 6th
Terri & Shawn Walker 15th

This Week at First Lutheran

Saturday – Holy Communion, 5:30pm 
Sunday – Holy Communion, 10:00am 
Monday – Church Council Meeting, 5:00pm
Wednesday - Apostles Creed Study, 10:00am