Read: John 20:19-31. 

In the Gospel of John, Jesus performs a number of signs, beginning with the wedding at Cana (2:1-11). These signs point beyond themselves in order that people may have a relationship to Jesus, believe in him, and have “life in his name” (v. 31). Jesus sends out his followers just as he was sent by his heavenly Father, and he sends them out to extend God’s peace and forgiveness empowered by the Holy Spirit (vv. 21-23). The mission of Jesus’ followers, the mission of the church, is to be sent out as those who believe in Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God, and, thereby, live a life that goes out into the world to offer peace and forgiveness. Followers are sent out through a surprising power; it is the power of the resurrected Jesus who still bears the wounds of the crucifixion as seen by Thomas and the other disciples. Christian followers trust that the crucified and risen Lord has the power to forgive, the source of true peace on earth. How do you experience peace and forgiveness as a follower of Jesus? How are you sent out to extend this same power of peace and forgiveness to others?  

Pray: Dear Crucified and Risen Lord Jesus, give us the faith to believe and to be sent out with your power to forgive and to bring peace to others. Amen.