Read: Luke 23:1-49. 

The crucifixion of Jesus tells us a lot about our human tendencies and about our God who defeats human frailty with forgiveness. The crowds praise Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem then within a week say, “Crucify him” (v.21). Peter promises to be faithful to Jesus but denies him three times. The people give false witness about Jesus to make him look bad in front of Pilate (v. 2). The leaders, the crowd, and the soldiers mock Jesus, but their words bear the truth of who he really is. Two criminals are killed along with Jesus. One ridicules Jesus while the other seeks his tender care (vv. 40-43). Sinful self-centeredness blinds us to Jesus and his saving grace. In Christ, God is willing to enter our world and participate in vulnerability, injustices, suffering, and death. It shows the way of Jesus’ cross as the way of true peace, true life, and true hope. How does the church today reflect the way of the cross and the power of God? 

Pray: Merciful Lord and Savior, you who endured our lies, our fears, and our sin, we praise you for enduring it all from the cross to bring your hope and salvation to us all. Amen.